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TeleSmart® Smart Record™ Real Time Call Recording

The TeleSmart Smart Record™ Real Time Call Recording systems are stable and reliable. Stability and reliability are key factors in non-stop recording environments. Smart Record™ performs on a straightforward, web-based user interface ensuring calls can be replayed quickly and easily fulfilling business requirements where recording is vital for liability, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring purposes

If you are interested in capturing calls for compliance or liability reduction, full time recording is a good option for your contact center. Many industries choose full time recording for their mission-critical call capture. Full time recording can be done on all lines all of the time, or by schedule on a per port / channel basis.

TeleSmart® Smart Record™ Solutions to Common Business Challenges

  • Dispute Resolution: Smart Record™ will ensure any internal or external disputes are resolved in minimum time and with minimum cost. Smart Record™ offers accurate, impartial and provable incident analysis and real-time management support as calls are recorded and kept for as long as required. This offers both individual and business protection and ensures that compliance measures as well as well as regulatory issues are being followed.
  • Security and Protection: Smart Record™ protects individuals and companies from abuse, fraud and misrepresentation. Calls are recorded and can be replayed to provide evidence to support, or counter, claims as required.
  • Training: Recorded calls can be used for training new and existing staff. Calls can provide examples on how to manage customer expectations, deal with inquiries or handle problematic issues. Calls can also be used to train on selling and closing. Smart Record™ also enables proactive business decisions in managing customer service levels by listening to, understanding and responding to the most frequently asked questions and any regularly highlighted problems.
  • System Features

  • Easy To Configure, Easy To Use
  • Managed From Any Location
  • Scales to Thousands of Users
  • Proven and Reliable Solution
  • Multi-Site Recording and Monitoring
  • Software-Only Makes Installation Easy
  • Multiple Recording Options: Full-Time Recording, Triggered Recording, On-Demand Recording
  • Automated All-Call and Periodic Voice Recording
  • Automated All-Call and Periodic PC Screen Video Recording
  • Supervisor initiated Real-Time Audio/Video/Movie Recording
  • Agent initiated Real-Time Audio/Video/Movie Recording
  • On-line Employee Evaluation & Analysis
  • User definable Evaluation Forms
  • Real-Time Employee / Supervisor Messaging
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real-Time Silent Monitoring
  • Fast Search and Playback
  • Attach To Email, Link to CRM Records, and Much More..
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
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