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 ♦  Call Reporting
 ♦  Call Routing
      Enhanced Call Routing
      Custom Call Forwarding
      Dealer Connections
      Network ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
      Call Rotations
      Routing Scheduling (Time of Day/Day of Week)
      Auto Attendant
 ♦  Call Tracking
      Phone Number Processing
      Caller Data Capture
      Order Tracking & Status Reports
      Package Tracking
      General Information Retrieval
      Account Balance & Transfer
 ♦  IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
      Inbound IVR
      Outbound IVR
      Web Enabled Conferencing
      Telephony Serveys
      Emergency Notification
      Bill Pay & Bill Reminder
      Custom Applications
 ♦  Enhanced Toll-Free Solutions
      Shared Use Vanity 800 Toll-Free Company Examples
 ♦   Call Recording
 ♦   Messaging & Notification
      Voicemail & Fax
      Call Notification Emails
      Audio Broadcasts
      Caller ID
      Unified Messaging (Menuing)
      Message Playback
      Text to Speech
      Speech to Text
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