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TeleSmart® Dealer Connections

The initial experience of an inbound caller to a Dealership (as an example, let's use an Auto Dealership) forms an immediate and lasting impression. From the initial inquiry through final delivery, the telephone is your dealership's lifeline... the critical connection where business can be won or lost

Auto dealerships are a mix of operations that include new and used car sales along with a variety of service functions. As dealerships sell a wider number of makes and work through a growing number of locations, operations are becoming more complex to manage. To be successful, a dealership needs to provide quick, professional connections delivering service quality. It's crucial in satisfying lifetime clients and getting an edge on the competition.

Special Auto Attendant Tools

TeleSmart provides a specially tailored package of communications for dealerships that includes attendant tools, unified messaging, automated attendant capabilities, and mobility services. TeleSmart tools effectively support attendants with web-based line-status monitoring and automatic overflow to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform. Dealerships can also manage incoming call traffic through a Web interface...your own control panel...that enables your staff to update their service settings in real-time.

Our TeleSmart service packages are available without the cost and limitations of premises-based equipment. With these packages, dealerships can reduce their total cost of communications and improve dealer performance across all departments...without purchasing any additional telephonic equipment!

TeleSmart has a proven track record of helping auto dealers close sales faster while building loyal customer relationships. By ensuring that: all calls are answered in a timely fashion, callers reach the right person, and communications within your organization run seamlessly, TeleSmart becomes an indispensable partner in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. TeleSmart offers you tools to control expenses and streamline your business operations...all in one easy to manage, cost-effective package.

Key Benefits

  • Manage calls easily and efficiently
  • Eliminate costly "telephone tag"
  • Provide user-friendly 24/7 telephone support
  • Distribute incoming calls intelligently and fairly
  • Improve internal communications and teamwork
  • Simplify communications across multiple locations
  • Measure call volumes and monitor employee performance
  • Integrate with business management software
  • Protect today's investment and ensure future flexibility with open systems architecture
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