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Network ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Efficient call distributors are vital to the overall effectiveness of Call Centers. TeleSmart® implements integrated ACD Call Center Solutions.

An ACD system routes inbound and outbound telephone calls on predetermined criteria, streamlining the communication process. A traditional Distributor processes incoming calls on a first-come, first-serve basis. The software typically answers each call immediately and, if necessary, holds it in a distribution queue until routing it to the next available call center agent. These ACD products can manage multiple queues while they also keep a log of group activity, analyze distribution queues, agents, hold-time and much more. TeleSmart's ACD can route a call to a representative conditional on defined business rules creating different processing paths for different callers. More sophisticated products can provide automatic call routing to telesales agents, Web agents or email.

TeleSmart® ACD Solutions

TeleSmart's services can help your company increase first contact resolution and improve ROI while increasing revenue per customer and customer retention.

TeleSmart offers IP based, unified contact management systems, automatic call distributors (ACD's), dialers, voice portals and computer telephony integration (CTI) via our interactive voice response (IVR) or voice response unit (VRU) platforms. We deliver consistent and highly responsive customer interactions. Our unique architecture links multi-channel contact center functionality with a powerful agent desk-top portal that delivers significant productivity and revenue gains by providing a consolidated view of the information and resources necessary to optimize each customer interaction

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