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TeleSmart® Order Tracking & Status Reports

TeleSmart®'s Order Status

is an on-demand, back-office solution for increasing revenue and distribution channels while enabling tighter management of all aspects of a retail business.

With TeleSmart's Order Status solution, your customers can check the status of any order, anytime, from any phone, just like a Fortune 500 company. Connect your existing order status application with our tools and deliver real time order status information to your customers. Route your customers directly to the order status application or add the order status application to your Virtual Receptionist as a new voice option.

The TeleSmart Order Status system is designed so that a Web developer from any Web programming environment can integrate TeleSmart's services with your company's existing business processes. For example, create a simple function to trigger outbound calls, or build a more complex voice application that chains together a series of voice forms which can be controlled by your remote server using almost any programming language. Additionally, use Click-to-Call, reminder call, and email scanning functions within the API to enhance applications with TeleSmart's voice technologies.

TeleSmart's online Order Status provides information for all of your questions! You can check the status of multiple orders placed through various contact points, such as sales representatives, toll-free telephone numbers, or online.

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