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Telephony Surveys

The marriage of survey technology and telephony allows for the rapid information flow from telephones into databases and on to management. Telephony surveys normally have fewer questions than other formats because of the concentration needed by the callers. The survey results are stored in databases and reports are sent to management via email.

There are a number of methods to measure customer satisfaction. The advantages and disadvantages of three traditional methods are cited:

  • Customer Focus Groups: They help you understand what factors customers consider important and provide a useful source of anecdotal evidence-but they can be difficult to organize and are relatively expensive to conduct.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Sent out by email and posted, they are a great way to measure satisfaction and assess whether the desired outcomes are being achieved. But invariably, they ask customers to assess their satisfaction levels long after the original interaction has taken place. Hence, they are not fresh nor are they totally informative.
  • Mystery Shopper Studies: These give fantastic feedback about the experiences of dealing with your organization, but they don't provide first hand feedback from your own customers, talking about their personal experiences.
  • The TeleSmart Interactive Voice Response Surveys give instant and accurate feedback from customers upon completion of a phone-based customer interaction. Our surveys overcome many of the disadvantages in the three satisfaction measures above.

    The TeleSmart CallerPlus™ Customer Survey doesn't rely on contact center agents to select which callers take part in research. Our CallerPlus™ system does this automatically and at random. This avoids the potential bias that could arise from agents only asking people to take part in the research that they believe have had positive experiences and avoiding those that they think may have had negative experiences.

    We offer the perfect, flexible solution for your telephonic survey needs. We also excel in other automated telephony systems, broadcast messaging, 800 number and custom IVR solutions. We take care of our clients and strive to deliver the highest quality products and services for all of their telephony and customer service needs.

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