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TeleSmart® Call Notification Emails

With TeleSmart Call Notification Email System, you'll receive an Email Alert with the Caller ID of whoever is trying to reach you. With conventional voice mail, you could spend hours online and never know about important calls you've missed. TeleSmart's Email Notification system responds every time you get a call and sends a notification to your email or a text message to your cell phone.

Key Features of the TeleSmart® Email Notifications

The TeleSmart system provides the option to send an email notification when an agent, or any user account, receives a voicemail message. Depending on the configuration selected, the email message can include the voicemail message as an attachment.

When a voicemail message is delivered to a user account, the system sends a message to the email address configured in the user account properties. The user account can be any account that receives voicemail messages such as Agent accounts or other accounts selected to receive voicemail.

When enabled, this feature sends the user an email for each voicemail message received. The voicemail message can be attached to the email as a wave file. Therefore, users do not need to login as an agent, or to the Administrator application, to listen to voicemail. Since the messages are delivered in wave format (.wav), they can be played using any PC media player.

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