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TeleSmart® Speech to Text (STT)

Until recently, speech technology has been used mainly for text-to-speech messaging. New technologies have now been introduced that allow users to create text messages by speaking into their phones. Rather than typing, consumers just speak into the phone, telling it the e-mail address and the content of the message. The phone does the rest.

Other Applications of Speech-to-Text

Other fast-developing solutions allow users to enter text into any applications on phones that use text entry; applications such as SMS, MMS, email, notes, calendar, and office documents. The available software covers tens of thousands of words, and additional words can be added by users to meet individual needs. Once activated, the user simply dictates his or her message and the software converts the message from speech to text.

Several electronic giants have unveiled cell phones that translate speech into text, making it easier for cell phones to surf the Web or send text messages. Anyone who has tried to peck out a text message on a phone's dozen keys or on miniature versions of QWERTY keypads knows the inherent frustration, not to mention thumb strain. This irritation is a primary reason for the growing use of speech-to-text applications. How does it work? The cell phone contains a small 'client' that performs the voice capture (end-pointing, compression, etc.), which then processes the utterance on a network of powerful servers and then returns the results back to the client.

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